Fair Gambling

Fair Gaming Codes by Caisnogy

Online casinos offer plenty of excitement, but it's crucial that gambling remains fair and safe for everyone involved. Over the years, we've seen a lot of disputes and unfair casino practices. However, we've also noted instances where players have attempted to exploit online gambling services for their unjust gains.

Our viewpoint is that online gambling should be fair and equitable for all parties involved. To facilitate this, we've drawn up our unique Fair Gambling Codex. This document outlines obligations for both online casinos and players, helping to ensure satisfaction on both sides and reduce complaints.

Our gaming codex is divided into two primary sections:

Responsibilities of casinos: This portion of our guideline elaborates on various difficult scenarios often seen between players and casinos. It explains how casinos should resolve them and how they can prevent them from happening. Here we set our standards for what makes a ‘fair casino' and ‘fair and safe casino'.

Responsibilities of players: This section gives recommendations to players on how to protect themselves from potential casino exploitation. By adhering to this advice and only playing in ‘fair' or ‘fair and safe' online casinos, you secure a safe gaming experience.

Click the links above to explore the area of your interest. While the first part is essentially for casinos and offers detailed information, it can also be enlightening to players. If you want to understand the common-issue scenarios leading to complaints, that's where you should look. If you're a player seeking safe gambling, we recommend at least going through the second part.

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