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About Cookie Policy

At (“We”, “Our”, “Us”, or “Website”), we use cookies. By choosing to browse the Website with cookies enabled in your browser preferences, you're granting us your express consent to use these cookies, as disclosed to you upon your initial visit to our Website.

In this Cookie Policy, we aim to clarify what cookies are, their role in our website (whether our own or via third parties), the specifics of why and how we use them, and also your alternatives when it comes to cookie handling.

Understanding Cookies 

In essence, cookies are miniature text files that most websites send to your browser and save there. These files let the websites (or third parties) recognize you as a user, collect analytical data, and enhance their services and overall user experience.

There are two types: “session cookies” and “persistent cookies”. The former exists only during your active site visit and automatically deletes upon browser closing. The latter persists on your disk until they expire or you clear them manually.

Cookies can be “first-party” or “third-party”. The first type originates directly from the site you're visiting, whereas third-party cookies come from external entities like ad platforms or analytical services tied to the visited website.

How do We use Cookies? 

Cookies serve various purposes. They can be categorized into four main categories, depending on their use:

  • Necessary cookies – They're indispensable for navigating the website and utilizing its features. For example, Cloudflare cookies are used on to apply security settings for all visitors.
  • Performance cookies – They gather information about visitors' use of the website, helping operators enhance its functionality. For example, Hotjar collects non-sensitive information, with the overall purpose of providing you with a better user experience
  • Functional cookies – Remember your preferences, such as language choice, so you don't have to adjust the settings each time you visit.
  • Targeting/Advertising cookies – Personalize ad content to be relevant to you.

We have integrated various third-party services, including Meta (Facebook, Instagram) and Google (Analytics, Ads, YouTube), which use cookies on our Website.

Third-Party Cookies 

We have integrated various third-party services, including Meta (Facebook, Instagram) and Google (Analytics, Ads, YouTube), which use cookies on our Website.

Google Analytics uses cookies to gather site usage information, which is then reported to businesses without revealing any personal identification of individual users. The main being the ‘_ga’, used to differentiate visitors.

Meta Pixel cookies are used for advertising Meta Products and optimizing our ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. The “_fbp” cookie, for instance, identifies browsers for advertising and data analytics services.

Managing Cookies 

By visiting and using our Website with cookie-enabled browser settings, you consent to our cookies. If you want to reject cookies from our Website or other sites, use your browser's instructions to disable them.

Most browsers allow you to change your cookie settings in their “Options” or “Preferences” menus. The manufacturers of browsers provide useful help pages related to cookie management, which you can use to learn more about how to manage cookies or turn them off entirely:

Google also recommends using the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on, available on their download page. This add-on allows users to prevent their data from being gathered and utilized by Google Analytics.

If you need more information about's cookie policy, please Contact Us directly.

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