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Fair Casino Repsonsibilities

We want all casino players to be treated fairly while gambling online. Our guide to fair gambling practices for online casinos is based on this belief. We believe that maintaining fairness should be the primary responsibility of the casinos. However, it's equally essential for players to practice responsible gaming to avoid jeopardizing their casino account or funds. Here, we aim to provide guidelines to ensure secure and fair play.

This particular guide lists a series of rules and practices beneficial for both parties, casinos and players. Following these guidelines can minimize friction, decrease player complaints, and overall, create a secure gambling environment. The fair gambling codex not only helps secure your account and funds but also promotes a wholesome gambling atmosphere.

Please note that our fair gambling codex constantly evolves to keep up with the fluctuating gambling scene and our findings. Hence, we appreciate your patience, as it takes time to document all the aspects.

Fair vs. Fair and Safe Casinos

Not all online casinos ensure the same levels of fairness and security to players. Based on our comprehensive reviews of thousands of gambling sites and subsequent player complaints, we differentiate ‘fair' casinos from ‘fair and safe’ casinos.

In the fair gambling codex for casinos, we elaborate on how each should be interacted with to reduce the likelihood of being treated unjustly and avoid any potential issues.

What Defines a ‘Fair and Safe' Casino? 🤝🥇 

‘Fair and Safe' casinos adhere to the set rules and also take steps to avert players from unintentionally breaking terms and conditions or any actions that might risk their funds.

Such casinos take the following precautions:

  • Enforcement of bet sizes, restricted games, and other bonus conditions.
  • Warning players against decisions that might be to their disadvantage, like opting for another bonus that could nullify winnings from a previous one.
  • Check for multiple accounts at the time of creating an account.

As a player, ensure:

  • All personal details, like name, address, and contact information, are correct.
  • Only payment methods under your name are used.
  • Rules about bonus play, mentioned in the terms and conditions, are followed.
  • No software bugs are exploited.

What Defines a ‘Fair' Casino? 🤝

A ‘fair' casino:

  • Honors legitimate winnings.
  • Has no unfair clauses in its terms and conditions.
  • Uses no deceptive tactics to trick players.
  • Upholds restricted countries/bonuses policies by disallowing ineligible players.

For casinos that don't meet the ‘fair and safe' classification but qualify as ‘fair', players need to:

  • Avoid creating multiple accounts.
  • Thoroughly read and understand the bonus terms and conditions.
  • Consider reading the entire casino's terms and conditions.

In case you've had a bad experience with an online casino, keep in mind that our definitions focus primarily on the aspect of ‘online casino fairness'. If you choose to play at a casino that does not meet any of the above-stipulated criteria, follow all the below-listed precautions and exercise utmost caution to avoid potential issues.

Therefore, we strongly suggest playing at casinos that are at least ‘fair'. Our list of best online casinos is a great resource to find reputable sites that value their players. But don't just take our word for it. We also suggest you go through the comprehensive reviews of these casinos and read our detailed guide on how to choose an online casino before making your final decision.

Keep scrolling for a comprehensive understanding of the topic. We have specific suggestions for those willing to play at casinos that fail to fit into our ‘safe and fair' or just ‘fair' categories, so make sure to read till the end.

Guidelines for Players in ‘Fair and Safe' Casino 

Regardless of whether a casino is deemed ‘fair and safe', honesty is crucial. Players should register under their legal names, making sure to provide accurate information. This also applies to their payment methods which should be registered in the player's name.

Understanding the terms and conditions attached to bonus offers is crucial. This gives players clear insight into what they're committing to. Note: Our separate article on bonuses and promotions offers an in-depth overview of typical bonus conditions. Furthermore, exploiting software bugs is strictly forbidden.

Discover more about gameplay at ‘fair and safe' casinos in the following sections.

Rules Enforcement 

In ‘fair' and ‘safe' casinos, the maximum bet rule is automatically regulated by the system, prohibiting players from exceeding the allowed bet limit. Simultaneously, the system is capable of detecting any duplicate accounts, thus avoiding any accidental account duplication by players.

Bonus Terms & Conditions 

Even when the casino is qualified as ‘fair and safe', it is smart to go through the terms and conditions linked to its bonus. From restricted games to bet maximums, understanding these rules is key.

Interesting aspects, like winnings from a no-deposit bonus being capped, or wagering requirements, can only be known from the bonus terms and conditions.

Financial Transactions 

When making deposits or withdrawals, players must only use the bank account or credit card under their own name. Any deviation from this might lead to complications during withdrawals. This rule is primarily to guard against credit card misuse and is also in line with global anti-money laundering laws (AML).

Software Glitches

Exploiting software bugs or any other system glitches is a strict no-no. For instance, predicting the result of a live casino game using electronic devices is unacceptable. Gambling should maintain its fairness from the player's standpoint.

In an ideal scenario, honest players should be free from any worries. However, we live in a world where only a handful of casinos can be labelled ‘fair and safe'. Hence, players should exercise caution while gambling. Read on for more information on this.

Guidelines for Players in ‘Fair' Casino 

In casinos considered ‘fair,' but not necessarily ‘safe and fair,' you need to be slightly more cautious. This caution is not because such casinos are deliberately misleading, but due to potential inadvertent missteps.

Here are a few suggestions and words of caution for players in ‘fair' level casinos in addition to those applicable to ‘fair and safe' casinos.

  • Players must ensure they have one account per casino. Multiple accounts can lead to penalties, regardless of the intention behind their creation, even if they were unknowingly duplicated.
  • If you're keen on leveraging casino bonuses, make sure you familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions. These set out regulations regarding wagering requirements, game types, maximum betting sizes and other rules applicable to bonus money. Get more insight into common bonus conditions in our comprehensive article about bonuses and promotions.
  • While it's not essential for ‘fair' casinos, we recommend an overview of the general terms and conditions. It's always beneficial to be well-informed.

While ‘fair’ casinos may not strictly enforce some key rules and thus not meet all ‘fair and safe' criteria, it’s crucial to distinguish them from unfair online casinos. This is why we have compiled a list of top online casinos and extensive reviews to guide you. Remember, playing at an unethical casino leaves you vulnerable, regardless of your precautions.

Casinos without ‘Fair' or ‘Safe' Labels 

While our best advice is to choose a casino labelled as ‘fair' or even better, ‘fair and safe,' you might sometimes gamble at one rated below these standards. In such cases, strictly adhering to the rules is crucial.

Consider this scenario: Most casinos welcome players only from certain regions or allow exclusive bonus access to players from certain countries, as detailed in their general rules and promotional rules. Casinos with a ‘fair' or ‘fair and safe' rating take this policy a step further, prohibiting those from restricted countries from creating accounts or availing of bonuses.

However, not every casino follows this practice. Some allow account creation or bonus availing from restricted regions. But when it's time to cash in your winnings, they cite country restrictions as a reason for refusal. Such casinos aren't the safest choice, particularly if you overlook the terms and conditions stating the restricted countries.

This makes understanding country restrictions essential. We strongly advise players to connect with customer support for clarification, in addition to combing through the terms and conditions. Seek explicit permissions for playing from specific countries or access to any bonuses of your interest, and keep a saved record of these interactions for future reference.

Also, it's important to know that casinos falling short of our ‘fair gambling' criteria can enforce unfair rules subtly woven into their terms and conditions. Sometimes, they even implement rules not outlined in their terms, making them predatory by nature (refer to our fair gambling codex‘s hidden and predatory rules section).

In conclusion, take the time to understand all rules thoroughly and adhere to them. It is a good practice to take screenshots of key information, such as the terms of service, bonus terms, chat transcripts, emails from the casino, etc. These may be useful in case you face unfair treatment from the casino and decide to file a complaint. Ultimately, the best strategy would be to choose a higher-rated casino for a safe and fair gambling experience.

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